#HalfTheStory began when founder, Larissa May (@livinlikelarz), was juggling two lives as a student at Vanderbilt University and a fashion blogger/entrepreneur, covering NYFW for highly respected media outlets.

Behind the perfectly curated instagram feed was 17 hour workdays, debilitating anxiety, and sleep deprivation. Through industry conversations and discussions with peers she quickly realized that she was living in a world where everyone was craving a platform to share , which led to the beginning of @halfthestory.

It started as a desire to highlight our most human attributes on social media to reignite human connection in the digital space.

What began as a $800 grant for a senior art project has since become a globally recognized platform connecting people of all walks of life through sharing experiences, struggles, entrepreneurial journeys, and aspirations.

You can read stories on Instagram (@halfthestory) and Facebook, or submit your own story here.  

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In the digital age we have the freedom to filter our lives however we choose.

Hiding behind our social media identities, we mask the truth behind the partial realities we post every day.

#Halfthestory is a global community that encourages individuals to share parts of their lives that exist outside of the standard social media story—

Life unfiltered.


#HALFTHESTORY celebrates hidden human talents, passions, beliefs, and struggles that connect us on a deeper level.

By sharing a part of our identity that is not regularly revealed through social media, we restore human connection.

Here are a few examples of the types of stories we have heard so far, but we’re always looking for fresh takes.  

Sharing your story allows you to connect with people on a deeper level.


Let’s use social media to connect rather than disconnect.